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45 Thousand people enjoyed the 6th edition of Mondial de la Bière Rio

The brewing culture was celebrated in a five-day event

Warehouses 2, 3 and 4 of Pier Mauá were the scene of the sixth edition of Mondial de la Bière in Rio de Janeiro. About 45 thousand people visited the venue on five days of the brewing festival – which took place between September 5th and 9th. 25 tons of non-perishable food were collected through the solidarity brewing ticket – those who chose this ticket paid a promotional price and should hand in 1kg of food to enter the festival. As announced prior to the start, the institutions which received the aid, with Sesc (Social Service of Commerce)'s support through Mesa Brasil Food Bank Network, were Lar Pedro Richards, Sopão do Alcides de Castro, Projeto Ruas, Casa de Apoio à Criança com Câncer Santa Teresa, Gol de Letra Foundation and Lar Maria de Lourdes.

“Our main goal in this edition was to broaden the experience of exhibitors and the audience, making adjustments in the operation, visitors' flow and event ambiance. The breweries showcased the novelties, made special launches and brought products which could only be tasted in the event. One third of the brands participated for the first time, many of them coming from other states", comments Luana Cloper, director of Mondial de la Bière.

The breweries captivated the audience of Mondial de la Bière Rio with very creative diverse actions: distribution of adhesive tattoos; prize winning challenges; panels for visitors to take fotos as well as characters walking through the warehouses. Sesc also provided some artistic interventions, such as the Fanfare, the Passinho dance and caricatures.

This edition of Mondial de la Bière Rio innovated on the first day by disclosing the labels chosen as the best ones by the 13 jurors invited by the event organizing committee. MBeer Contest Brazil had 376 beers subscribed. The competition evaluates the intrinsic qualities of the beverage, without predefined styles or any information about the products. The winners of platinum and gold categories were announced in a ceremony led by Jeannine Marois - founder and president of Mondial de la Bière international – and by Luana Cloper – Director of Fagga, the festival organizing company. According to Luana, the change aims to benefit visitors. "Thus, in the first place, people know about the list of winning labels and can plan to taste them," she explains.

There were 13 gold and 1 platinum medals. The big winner of this year was Antuérpia which got the platinum medal for Nikita Cherry Hickey, a Russian Imperial Stout. Among the beer categories, which stood out in the competition, we have Sours – an acid style; in addition to the beers which are aged in distilled beverage barrels, which give aroma to the beverage; and the Imperial Stouts, with high alcohol content.

Gold Medals:
-Suburbana, with label Treta, a Berliner Weisse style;
-Roter Brauhof, with label Roter Sour Ale, a Sour Ale style;
-Overhhop, with label Aeternum - an American Imperial Stout - and Gravioh LaLa, a Catharina Sour;
-Mistura Clássica, with label Catharina Sour Goiaba, a Catharina Sour style;
-Wonderland Brewery, with label Gone Mad, an American IPA;
-Dádiva, with label Brewer's Cut, an American Sour style;
-Bodebrown, with labels Regina Sour Raspberry - a Berliner Weisse style - and Cocoa Ipa Wood Age, an American IPA;
-Thirsty Harks Farm Brewery, with label Ginga De La Boe, aged in gin barrel;
-Cerveja Matisse, with label Saboya, a Catharina Sour;
-FarraBier, with the commemorative label #2anos (#2years), a Catharina Sour style;
-Colorado, with label Guanabara Wood Aged, a Russian Imperial Stout;

The audience of Mondial de la Bière Rio could taste more than 1500 labels. The Catharina Sour beers stood out, because it was the first national style catalogued by the beer judge institution Beer Judge Certification Program (BJPC). With acid flavor and addition of fruits, the style was created in homage to the State of Santa Catarina, region of craft beer producers. And from 2018 on, it can be judged in world official competitions, which follow this standard. Technically, Catharina Sour is a wheat refreshing pale beer, with clean lactic acidity, addition of fruits and high carbonation level.

In addition to the breweries, Mondial de la Bière Rio 2018 had booths showcasing drinks made with beer, such as the ones made by the Guillotina, Meara and Brewing Marketing bars. For the first time, the brewing festival had the presence of a distilled beverage bar, Guillotina (SP). Bartender Márcio Silva of the Guillotina bar and Tai Barbin of the Nosso Ipanema bar created three exclusive drinks for the event with distilled beverages plus Blondine and Bodebrown beers.

The unprecedented partnership stablished between Mondial de la Bière with the Rockcetera was really successful. In addition to this party in Rio de Janeiro, bands played famous songs which cheered up the audience on two stages. Among the highlights, we had the Jackstone band, with its tribute to the Rolling Stones; the Pepper Spray band which shook up the crowd with its covers of Red Hot Chili Peppers; the Animals band honored Maroon 5; the Tailten band showed the best of Irish music; the Venus Café band featured alternative rock hits; and the Tchopu band paid tribute to Pearl Jam. Ari Frello featured the best of blues; the Mouse Beer band played the greatest hits of national and international rock music; the Black Bird band paid homage to The Beatles; the Baile do Zen dance featured Brazilian rhythms, such as samba and sambarock, combined with foreign rhythms, like Afrobeat, Soul, Salsa and Reggae.

Studio Lady Luck Tattoo made 236 drawings and 116 piercings on the five days of Mondial de la Bière Rio. In this Edition, Nadir Figueiredo once again produced the official event beer cup. Getnet / Visa sponsored the festival and facilitated the purchase and recharge of consumer cards. And Pão de Açúcar Group brought a pop up store to Pier Mauá.

Mondial of la Bière supports Leia Seca (Brazilian drunken-driving law) and warns visitors to use public transport.

About Mondial de la Bière
Annually hosted in Montreal, Canada, and Paris, France, it is a unique entertainment and beer tasting event. It is considered the door opener for many foreign beer industries in the hosting countries. In Brazil, Mondial de la Bière is promoted and organized by Fagga | GL events Exhibitions.

About Fagga | GL events Exhibitions
Pioneer in the trade show market in Rio de Janeiro, Fagga l GL events Exhibitions has a portfolio with over 3,000 events held in Brazil and 250 abroad. The company has offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais. In addition to the strong presence in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Fagga consolidated its presence in other Brazilian destinations, especially the ones which has got a regional appeal, such as Minas Gerais and Bahia. The company integrates the Brazilian operation of GL events group, which arrived in the country in 2006 and currently manages 12 businesses.

About GL events
GL events is one of the world's largest groups in the event industry, headquartered in Lyon (France) and had a 939-million-euro revenue in 2014. The company is present in 53 cities across 24 countries, in which it manages 40 venues. With 4,000 employees, the group has already organized over 4,000 events.


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