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For the second year now, Rio is to hold one of the biggest brewing events in the world

<p>&nbsp;<strong>Mondial de La Bi&egrave;re stands out as the most important beer-tasting event&nbsp;targeted at disseminating brewing culture in Brazil</strong></p> <p><br /> Mondial de La Bi&egrave;re is coming to Rio once again and is expected to be even more successful than the first edition, held in 2013. From November 20th to 23rd, beer lovers, connoisseurs and producers will have the opportunity to enjoy a world full of flavors, aromas and textures at Terreir&atilde;o do Samba, downtown Rio. The event will gather major labels and personalities, a unique opportunity to savor exclusive beers that are not distributed in Brazil yet. The beer festival is promoted and organized by Fagga | GL events Exhibitions.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;Our expectations were exceeded in 2013 and we want to repeat that this year. For 2014, we have expanded our exhibition area by 30% and nearly doubled the number of breweries. The event is of the utmost importance in the beer industry, and for bars and restaurants, because it shows that the consumers are eager for new labels, confirming that there is still room for this industry for growth. Rio had no specialty beer consuming tradition, and Mondial is here to show a changing culture; today, the city has one of the most important Festivals in the world,&rdquo; explains Fagga business director Victor Montenegro.<br /> <br /> In addition to showing over 600 labels of beer for tasting, Mondial will offer the visitors a broad program, with contests, Chats with Beer, shows, Petit Pub and Beer Boutique. Leading master brewers and awarded labels have confirmed their attendance. One of them is the Danish Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergs&oslash;, from Evil Twin Brewery, which ranks among the ten best in the world.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;The second edition of Mondial de La Bi&egrave;re will offer its visitors an unmissable selection of beers. I believe Rio&rsquo;s locals will be seduced by this new selection and we will have even more visitors in this edition,&rdquo; said Jeannine Marois, president of Mondial de La Bi&egrave;re, responsible for the international organization.<br /> <br /> At the event, exhibitors may participate in the Mbeer Contest Brazil, recognized worldwide for its seriousness and relevance in this industry. A jury composed of international and national beer professionals will award winners with gold and platinum beer medals. Jarnit-Bjergs&oslash; was the first juror confirmed. The results will be revealed on September 21 th, 2014. The general public will also be able to vote for their favorite beers in the MBeer Public Contest. The three most voted beers will be announced at the end of the event.<br /> <br /> Another entertaining option in the Brazilian show is the Beer Boutique, where visitors may take the Mondial experience home buy acquiring beer bottles of their favorite brewer, and the Petit Pub, where they will be able to savor unreleased beers that have not yet reached the Brazilian shelves.<br /> <br /> For the Rio edition, tickets are on sale with prices starting at R$ 35. The organizers expect a 15% increase in visitors versus the prior year and the event is expected to receive more than 23,000 people over four days. Terreir&atilde;o do Samba is still the official venue of Mondial de La Bi&egrave;re. With an air-conditioned area of 4,000 square meters, nearly 25% bigger than the 2013 edition, the venue will provide wide service options for the visitors. It lies at a central location and can be reached by several way public transportation options. Expanded and improved facilities have rendered a bigger food court. Online sales: The event supports the Alcohol Prohibition Law and warns visitors to use public transport to attend it.<br /> <br /> <strong>About Mondial de La Bi&egrave;re</strong><br /> Annually held in Montreal, Canada, and in Mulhouse, France, the event is a unique entertainment and tasting festival. It is considered a gateway for many foreign breweries in the countries where it is staged. The 2013 editions attracted about 160,000 v


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